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Why Teen Girls Are Struggling With Mental Health | What Every Parent Needs To Know

Why Teen Girls Are Struggling With Mental Health | What Every Parent Needs To Know

A recent article by the Washington Post detailed why teen girls are so stressed.

In summary there are a number of factors that every parent should be aware of that are negatively affecting teen (and tween) girls' mental health and wellness. In summary, here is a quick list of stressors for teen and tween (10-12) age girls.

1) Puberty

2) The Effect of Having Covid on Puberty (very interesting research)

3) Perfectionism- desire to please everyone

4) Self-criticism

5) Rumination/Overthinking

6) Social Media- Negative comparisons & peer feedback (likes, comments, etc.)

7) Poor sleep (on their phones, stress, and poorly structured bedtimes)

8) Less face-to-face time with friends (phones decreasing girlfriend quality time)

If you notice any or a number of these factors affecting your teen girl, here are some recommendations for parents to consider very strongly.

Recommendations For Parents of Teenage Girls:

1) More in person interaction with female friends (get-togethers, outings, visiting over the house, movies, etc.)

2) Ensure your teen daughter gets at least 49 hours of sleep a week

3) More physical activity (exercise is good for positive mood)

4) Reduce the number of scheduled obligations (help them achieve balance and include leisure/rest in the schedule)

5) Pull kids under 14 off social media and give them a flip phone to communicate (or at least monitor activity vigorously)

Teen girls who are sixteen and over should have their phones powered down (or taken at night if you cannot trust them) at bedtime to allow them to sleep and resist staying on their phones all night. Weekends are different but make sure your teens are not staying up until 2,3,4 am in the morning and falling behind the necessary sleep they need to have positive mental health.

Expect some push back to removing and limiting social media but watch both their mood and behavior change for the better once you do. Even adults take social media fast to feel better and gain mental clarity and peace of mind. So, why wouldn't our teen girls (with their active brains and changing bodies) need even more of the same?

I pray this article, video, and blog blesses you parents. Now, go talk with your teenage daughter, niece, cousin, grandchild, etc. and help her to be well!


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