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What Makes Couples (Especially Wives) Even Consider Divorce After 20 Years...

When we think about marriages, we think forever. However, that is a very difficult place to get to when you marriage is missing key ingredients. In order for marriages to REMAIN happy they need the following three ingredients for couples to want to stay committed (research of Dr. Carol Rusbelt).

What Makes Couples Want To Commit:

1) Mutual Satisfaction-

Are both partners satisfied with how they are treated in the relationship or marriage?

2) Mutual Investment-

Are both partners equally investing in the relationship or marriage (e.g., planning dates, changing, chores, marital enrichment, etc.)

3) Quality of "Better" Alternatives-

Good relationships add years and happiness to our lives. By contrast, bad relationships subtract (8-10 years) years and happiness. This is why 80% of marriages are initiated by wives. They feel like they have communicated their unmet needs until they are blue in the face and it will never change.

So, they have to decide between being perpetually being unhappy by sacrificing their health and happiness or giving themselves a change to happier another way (happily single or another relationship).

Why make your spouse (husband or wife) have to make such a tough decision? Isn't it better to just enrich your relationship or marriage to make sure it is "relational fit". We do that with fitness and finance, so why not do that in our marriages?

Enhance Your Own Marriage or Relationship

So, consider this my personal invitation to join us for Better Husband, Better Wife Professional Marriage Class January 19th at 9pm EST and every second Thursday moving forward. I want your relationships and marriages to thrive. Register here.


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