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5 Tips For Improving Kids Grades (Parenting Tips)

Every year, parents have to figure out how to guide their kids towards academic success. This season is especially challenging with kids being virtual, returning to school with masks and having to get back on track after a year at home.

So Christian clinical psychologist, Dr. Alduan Tartt, provides five tips for improving kids' grades.

Here are the the 5 P's For Academic Success:

1) Be Positive- parents who have a positive attitude who are patient improve their kids' confidence and effort because they make homework and learning fun. As parents, it's our job to instill confidence in our kids and positivity is the pathway.

2) Be Purposeful- parents should reward effort versus talent so that kids get the right message. Specifically, when kids are rewarded for being "smart" when they get the answer right they make the mistake of thinking they are unintelligent when they get the answer incorrect. So, reward effort, hard work, resiliency, getting tutoring instead so that kids learn the value of perseverance and work ethic when they face challenges. Also, parents should set high standards for education and require excellence. Kids often meet the expectations of the parents who are really serious about academic success.

3) Be Present- all parents now have access to their kids' academic grades and progress via the parent portal system. Yes, we can check our kids' grades daily so that we can monitor and hold them accountable for being successful and get them the help they need quickly. In a nutshell, our kids do better when they are being monitored and perform higher simply because they know their grades are being assessed. We should sit down with our kids (especially older ones) weekly and review academic grades and create action plans to meet the goals stated at the beginning of the semester. If adults need management to perform at work, what do you think kids need who are less mature?

4) Be Professional- parents are responsible for setting limits and making sure that their kids are getting adequate sleep and rest. Too many kids are getting less than the 50 hours required as a minimum for adequate sleep in a week. It results in lack of focus, anxiety, depression and learning issues simply due to fatigue and lack of sleep time to restore mental faculties. Also, we have to structure homework and after school time to help kids learn time management.

If you don't teach them, who will? Also, make sure your kids are on time for school and class. Professionalism will go a long way in the real world and lack of it can cost you valuable opportunities and even lead to being fired. So, model what you are teaching by making sure your kids are professional in being on time, turning in assignments and asking for help proactively.

5) Be Prayerful- parents of children in non-religious schools must pray over their children to keep them covered in the Spirit of Christ. In times where kids have to guard against Covid, anxiety, changing school environments (virtual, hybrid, in person), our children need as much prayer as they can get. We can lower our kids anxiety and teach them to rely on Christ on praying over them daily and keeping them covered.

Some things can be taught but some things are better caught, meaning our children learn the value of prayer for watching and experiencing it. Parents, I pray this helps and I am praying for a successful school year for you and your kids. May the honor roll, principal's list, and excellent grades prosper for all of your children!


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