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Hi, I'm Dr. Alduan Tartt
Faith-Based Clinical Psychologist

I am a marriage, child & family mental health expert helping you improve all of your relationships (self-care, dating, marriage, family, & career and athletic peak performance) with a faith-based psychological expertise.  

I counsel, teach, speak, consult and preach to guide your healing so you can thrive in every aspect of your life. I've been a clinical psychologist for twenty-three years focusing on:

  • Improving marriages

  • Improving relationships (better dating results)

  • Raising healthy families (child & family)

  • Improving mental health & peak performance (individuals & teams)

  • Mental health ministry (mental health + God for the Church)

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Meet Dr. Tartt

My Tribe...

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Take A Course With Us...

Our Clients Say

Hundreds of couples retreat with us for A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat for married and engaged couples.

Founders: Dr. Alduan Tartt, Mecca Tartt, Dewayne & Michelle Gainey

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Mental Health Workshops, Consultations, Speaking & Media Interviews

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