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"I Help Athletes Create Thriving Relationships For Every Season of Life"


How To Date An Athlete:

Relationship Management For Student Athletes (Interactive)

Let's face it: athletes face quite a challenge when it comes to maintaining healthy relationships. Research shows that 1) excessive travel 2) degree of available temptation and 3) obstacles to consistent quality time with your partner significantly taxes relationships. Thus, professional athletes are at highest risk of relationship dysfunction, break-up and divorce. This is not only true during a player's active sports career but after his/her sports career has concluded. Dr. Tartt provides workshops that specifically cater to the lifestyle of professional athletes to make relationships work. Dr. Tartt focuses on helping athletes choose the right mate, become conflict resolution masters, repair damaged relationships, and adjust to career transitions (rookie, trade, decreased time, cut, retirement, etc.).

How To Stay Married To An Athlete:

Relationship Management for Professional Athletes & Spouses

Sports Illustrated and The New York Times report that the divorce rate for professional athletes is 60-80%! Why is this so high? The truth is that celebrity status, travel, access, limited time, temptation, career transition, injury, stress level, etc. of the lifestyle present challenges to marriage that are above and beyond the average couple. Dr. Tartt works specifically with professional athletes (current and past) in resolving conflict, improving communication, infidelity prevention and recovery, and building trust and connection. This workshop can be presented to couples, the athlete and/or spouse of the athlete and is respective of all lifestyles. This workshop is interactive, fun and skill developing as participants learn and practice the skills within the workshop to make the skills stick!

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