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"I Help Couples To Creative Thriving Godly Marriages"

Dr. Tartt: Improving Relationships & Marriage 

Dr. Alduan Tartt loves speaking for marriage ministries at retreats, conferences and workshops. As a Christian psychologist, he applies both scripture and psychological interventions that work to help decrease marital stress, resolve conflict and improve communication. Dr. Tartt is a firm believer in building relationship skills with couples versus simply speaking at them. Thus, Dr. Tartt conducts marriage labs that are designed to have couples practice: 1)  Intimate conversation that builds intimate connection, 2) Conflict resolution skills that decrease intense fights and 3) Expressing appreciation and fondness for one another to rekindle love and affection. Couples who attend Dr. Tartt's marriage lab will grow and leave in a better condition than when they came in. Your church will learn, laugh and interact as Godly couples like never before. The Doc is Dr. Tartt today!   
How to Fight RIGHT: How To Resolve Conflict/s  In Relationships Successfully
Keynote, Interactive Workshop 


Conflict in relationships is like tooth decay- it builds up little by little over time but eventually makes the relationship or marriage feel unbearable. Realistically, all couples go through conflict but only the ones who learn the critical skills of conflict resolution will be able to survive and grow stronger as a result. This life-changing workshop teaches couples the skills and method for resolving conflict and is designed to be interactive so that particpants leave the workshop/keynote with improved conflict management skills! "Perfect practice makes perfect" and we have to admit...we need all the practice we can get when it comes to dealing with our better or worse (smile) half! Conflict is relationships and marriage can be a good thing when we use it to adapt, adjust and improve. So, learn the right way because no one has time, energy or the will to fight with someone who should be on the same team.

Doing Marriage BETTER: Proven Solutions for Igniting, Improving & Repairing Marriages
Sermon, Church Conference, Marriage Retreat Keynote & Workshop Ready 


When you got married did anyone hand you a marriage manual on how to make it work? If you're like most of us, the answer is a resounding, "No". Dr. Tartt uses this speech and break-out workshop to teach couples how to to build, repair and ignite their marriage in reaction to the normal conflicts, seasons and challenges of marriage (blended families, children, money issues, second marriage, etc.). Dr. Tartt teaches couples psychological interventions to improve communication, resolve conflict, and emotional intimacy and bases each intervention off of biblical scripture. The best part of this presentation is that it is INTERACTIVE and requires couples to practice the skills taught during the lecture or in a subsequent break out session (meeting planner's choice of course). Dr. Tartt is highly adaptable and can provide marital enrichment in the form of a sermon, church conference keynote and/or break out facilitator, question and answer, and is a favorite of marriage retreats! 

Doing Engagement BETTER: How to Work Through Relationship Issues Before You Say "I Do" 
Premarital Assessment, Psychological Strategies , & Biblical Truths For Building A Strong Marriage

One of the biggest mistakes that couples make is focusing too much on the wedding day and not enough on how to actually make the marriage work! Research shows that pre-marital counseling (classes, individual or group counseling) enhances the odds of remaining married by at least 31%. This revolutionary presentation provides an individualized pre-marital assessment (based on landmark research of Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot- creators of the S.Y.M.B.I.S assessment), proven strategies from couples counseling to address issues and conflict and applies biblical scripture (optional for type of audience) for common marital challenges (handling conflict, intimacy, romance, submission guidelines, emotional baggage, finances, etc.). This is a must for couples and churches who want to prevent the deadly reality of divorce and be smart about making marriage last forever. The biggest takeaway is that couples will have a blueprint of issues to avoid and develop a plan to address them before they actually get married!

Gallery of Marriage Ministry Photos and Events

Audience at Walmart Event

Dr Tartt moderating Walmart event for couples on making marriage work

Love Lab Couples Dancing

Dr. Tartt spoke at Fifth Street Baptist church's 2015 & 2016 marriage retreat to over 100 couples who learned, laughed and danced the weekend away!

Dr Tartt Preaching at Mandate 2016

Dr. Tartt speaking to audience of men about asking for help...the manly way.

Dr Tartt Essence Photo

Dr Tartt speaking on relationships and marriage at Essence Women's Conference


Dr. Tartt speaking to National Sales Network on making marriage work when work is demanding of your time, travel and energy level.

Dr Tartt and Walmart Panel with Mortons Devon and Meagan

Dr Tartt moderating panel on marriage with Bishop Paul Morton, Pastor Debra Morton, Devon Franklin and Meagan Good for Walmart panel.

Dr Alduan Tartt on Intelligence for Your Life 2

Dr Tartt discussing how to turn the empty nest syndrome into the good life for married couples.

Good Day Washington Individual Shot

Dr. Tartt on Good Day Washington discussing communicating needs for Valentine's Day.

Wedding Photo 2

Dr. Tartt and his better half, Mecca Tartt, on our wedding day!

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