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Staff Development & Title I Workshop: How To Transform School Culture To Increase Parental Engagement (even the difficult ones)


Schools have a major in the world do you engage parents with the most challenging students? As a clinical psychologist, Dr. Tartt specializes in engaging the same parents to get involved in their child's education and mental health issues which often coincide. Dr. Tartt works with school systems, PTA's and individual schools to create parental engagement strategies that work for all parents. Engaging difficult, defensive, and challenging parents is truly an art and Dr. Tartt loves to train teachers and administrators on psychological strategies to engage them. Dr. Tartt also addresses how to engage men in being involved more in school as well. This workshop can be catered to parents, teachers and administrators upon request and involves a consultation to understand the culture and current parental engagement strategies prior to speaking.   

Doing School BETTER: Getting Students Excited About Education & Living Their Dreams (Career Day, Honors & Graduation Speaker)


For over sixteen years, Dr. Tartt has successfully motivated students on honor roll and with extensive issues (behavioral problems, mental illness, low test scores, special education, etc.) to get their education. Dr. Tartt's approach is unique as he engages students in an active dialogue that helps them to see the importance of education in pursuing their dreams and avoiding the drop-out-of-school to prison pipeline. Dr. Tartt uses every ounce of his clinical skills to get students to think backwards from adult career to present. This technique immediately raise self-awareness of self-destructive choices (not attending tutorial, fighting, using drugs, not doing work, failing grades, etc.) that kill future success and often ensure a life of poverty. Dr. Tartt raises awareness then encourages and motivates students to "Get thier education" to live a life worth living. Great for a general body or specific group of problematic children.

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Dr. Alduan Tartt

Office (404) 377-4757


160 Clairemont Ave., Ste. 200

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