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Twelve Tips For Overcoming Loneliness (Especially During the Holidays & During the Pandemic)

Some studies reflect at almost one-third of the population (even those in relationships, families and marriage) experience overwhelming feelings of loneliness at one point or another. So, I put together a list of "12 Tips For Overcoming Loneliness" for you to use or share with someone you care:

Twelve Steps For Overcoming Loneliness:

1) Do talk to strangers- We can feel better after just 30 seconds of talking to someone even a stranger because we can find a common interest (sports, politics, movies, weather, work, etc.).

2) Give it seven minutes- It takes that long to have a deep, meaningful conversation with someone and feel the beginning of an intimate conversation.

3) Schedule one on one- Meet with people face to face by being intentional by being the inviter and enjoying actual company.

4) Get some Facetime- Call someone with good energy using FaceTime, WhatsApp, Skype, Instagram, etc. to build a sense of connection.

5) Use Facebook wisely- Learn how to go deep with friends, family and associates on social media by interacting versus just liking photos or trying to get likes.

6) Be a good neighbor- Higher neighborhood cohesion lowers your risk of heart attack and makes you feel more connected. Reach out to them versus ignoring those close to you.

7) Throw a dinner party- eating together is form of social glue and a way to be prosocial.

8) Be open- Open up when talking with others versus keeping the conversation superficial (“I used to go to Marvel movies all of the time”, I used to play basketball in high school”).

9) Open up- Listen to open someone up versus just watching the conversation. Put on your inner Oprah (When you ask questions, be prepared to follow the breadcrumbs and give the conversation legs).

10) Join a tribe- Easiest way to make friends is to join a tribe of like-minded individuals.

11) Talk about it- Open up with a friend, family member or even social media post about how you feel…like a blog and ask others if they feel the same way.

12) Reach out and touch someone-Hugging, holding hands, or even patting someone on the back can be a connection point. Did you know that holding your wife’s, girlfriend or daughter’s hand can make them feel safer in a parking lot?


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