Key To Finding a Husband or Wife...Access (Are You Even Trying?)

Singles Question: Are you giving potential suitors a realistic chance of meeting you? I talk with single men and women weekly who are vexed about why they are not meeting the "one" yet. Your pain is real. Your desire for companionship is real. You are convinced that they were not built to endure a single life and have self-confidence. You KNOW THAT YOU ARE A GOOD CATCH. Your motivation to find love is real. Yet, you have a very big problem...


This baffles me every time because how can you realistically expect to find love if you never date? I also hear your next question..."How can I go on dates?" As a typical psychologist I will reverse the question and ask, "I don't can you?" Are you doing anything to give men and women access to you? I mean really...where would someone have an opportunity to even meet you and have a conversation? Do you socialize at eve