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Couples Who Plan Together Grow in Power Together

You know it's funny...we set goals for work, exercise, finances, etc. but how often do we actually sit down and set couples goals? By couples goals, I mean goals for your marriage, engagement and/or dating relationship to grow and prosper. One of the greatest advantages to being in a relationship is having a purpose partner to help you accomplish your life dreams- not only for finances, career and fitness but dreams for travel, family and quality of life. Research shows that married men experience greater happiness, wealth and health proving what everyone already knew..."Happy wife, happy life".

However, I'm not sure you clearly understand why this is true. Quite simply, couples who play, plan and build together grow faster than a lone individual. Two really is better than one. So, my wife and I got to thinking, how much could we grow if we partnered with other couples for accountability, connection and networking? Look what the twelve disciples accomplished as a collective versus twelve lone individuals (smile). So, we decided to be the change we wish to see in the world and host "Power Couples Connect".

Power Couples Connect is a half day workshop for twelve couples who wish to build connection, relational intimacy, and stronger teamwork on accomplishing mutual, couple life dreams. Couples will engage in clinically proven marital exercises (see work of Dr. John Gottman) that improve connection, intimacy and life planning. I will lead (and participate with my own wife) in interactive couples exercises that force you and your better half to communicate about life dreams, improving daily interactions and sharing appreciation and fondness for one another. My wife, Mecca Moore Tartt, will lead networking exercises where couples will share their goals, partner with an accountability couple and connect with a larger village of power couples for "Couples Night Out".

We look forward to meeting you, expanding this workshop/ministry across the globe and serving couples of all types (seasoned couples who have been married for years, newlyweds, engaged and pre-engaged/dating couples). The information for the first workshop is below and is specifically for married couples. The next will be designed for engaged, pre-engaged, etc. Register at God is good!

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