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What Men Need To Do To Make Women Happy In Relationships- You Better ROCK!

I know, are always telling women what they need to do to make marriages and relationships better and you are sick of it! What about what men need to do? We need help too!

It's a myth that men don't want to do better in relationships. In fact, men take divorce harder than women do because, for better or for worse, we were the head! So, here's some advice for every man who wants to make his woman/wife consistently happy. It's a simple acronym

Be a R.O.C.K!

Routine- Be consistent in dating, courting and communicating with your wife. Keep doing

what you did to get her to keep her

Open Your Mouth- I know you love your wife/girlfriend but she needs to hear it from your mouth. Communicate your feelings, thoughts and wishes vs shutting down.

Contact Women need to be touched! If you are not touching her (holding her hand, letting

her cuddle, lay on your chest) then you are not loving her. This could lead to other

things too!

Kindness Women are attracted to men with positive attitudes with calm spirits. Be aggressive,

assertive and loud at work, gym, and with the guys but be calm, positive and warm

with your wife/girlfriend. Tip- Talk with your wife like you would your young

daughter. Soft is actually better in this regard!

Ok men, ROCK on and your woman will treat you like the ROCK STAR you are!

Contact my office to book me as a speaker, lecturer, interactive talk show host on Making Relationships Work at 404-377-4757.

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