I'm not sure if this is for you but if you're in a relationship...help is on the way!

What do you know about what's causing relationships and marriages to break, especially Christian ones?

Next week, I am hosting a FREE online training for couples who want to find out an...

This is going to blow your mind! Did you know that loneliness has the same negative impact on your health and longevity as smoking and obesity according to an article in Psychology Today magazine (written by Dr. Gary Winch August 2017)! 

In fact, 60% of people in marria...

My audience for this post is anyone who has a habit of being “too nice” in relationships. By experience, this group is usually reserved for a tribe of people I like to call “helpers”. We all know helpers…people in the helping profession (nursing, education, social work...

Ladies, Get Your RING Fingers Ready!

(Excerpt From Dr. Tartt's The Ring Formula)

“Completing a test is always easier when you have the key in front of you.” While men will openly admit that they don’t understand women, far too many women make the unfortunate mistake of o...

I know, know...men are always telling women what they need to do to make marriages and relationships better and you are sick of it! What about what men need to do? We need help too!

It's a myth that men don't want to do better in relationships. In fact, men take divorce...

Weekly, I find myself giving dating advice to my friends- many of whom are women by the nature of my work. However, December was a record month for me as far as friends, family and colleagues calling me about "How To Get a Man In 2014". I found myself giving the same a...

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A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat Now Includes A Couples Vow Renewal Ceremony 90% Sold Out...

October 16, 2019

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