I'll be honest...I love teaching! I love seeing relationships being healed inside out! 

I love seeing my brothers and sisters who are dating preparing themselves to be the the best spouse while also expecting the same in return! 

Please watch this webinar replay of Bette...

Like most things, dating takes skill. So, let’s get your dating IQ as high as possible about what your man might be thinking so that you can make the best decision for your relationship. This post addresses women who date men who are commitment phobics and/or avoidant...

Ladies, Get Your RING Fingers Ready!

(Excerpt From Dr. Tartt's The Ring Formula)

“Completing a test is always easier when you have the key in front of you.” While men will openly admit that they don’t understand women, far too many women make the unfortunate mistake of o...

I was first introduced to term “Wifey” by the R & B group NEXT in 2000. They had a song entitled, Wifey, that flew up the charts because it was catchy and talked about love and marriage. However, that was the problem. All it did was talk about marriage. In the video, e...

If there is one thing that psychologists, therapists, and helpers in general are notorious for it’s bringing a MVP attitude into our personal relationships. As a result, we tend to do way too much work in relationships. We feel LeBron James-like because we are used to...

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A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat Now Includes A Couples Vow Renewal Ceremony 90% Sold Out...

October 16, 2019

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