Scenario #2- Commitment is not the issue, money is.

If your man treats you well, is emotionally open to getting married but tells you that things need to change first…listen to what he is really saying. First, he could want to marry you but does not feel that he is fina...

Like most things, dating takes skill. So, let’s get your dating IQ as high as possible about what your man might be thinking so that you can make the best decision for your relationship. This post addresses women who date men who are commitment phobics and/or avoidant...

Marriage is a verb not just a noun. So, you must take action to keep your marriage spicy. Here are some tips on how to spice up your marriage long before and into the bedroom:

  1. Schedule date nights regularly. What you spend your time on grows while what you neglect…w...

My audience for this post is anyone who has a habit of being “too nice” in relationships. By experience, this group is usually reserved for a tribe of people I like to call “helpers”. We all know helpers…people in the helping profession (nursing, education, social work...

Do You & Your Better (Worse) Half Argue Too Much?

Does your relationship suffer a conversational heart attack over arguing too much with too much stress? When you decided to commit to one another or get married did anyone sit you down and give you a blueprint for resolv...

 Heart 2 Heart With Dr. Tartt: Real Issues. Real People. Real Talk

When God shows you a dream or a vision for your vision, believe it! God revealed a vision of me hosting a radio show many years ago. I have been an on-air guest over twenty times, had regular weekly spot...

The doctors worked feverishly in panic. Seven years ago when it was born, it was healthy, vibrant, and full of life but now it was fading and losing life fast. The doctors tried all types of interventions but nothing worked and then, it got worse. A loud series of beep...

Ladies, Get Your RING Fingers Ready!

(Excerpt From Dr. Tartt's The Ring Formula)

“Completing a test is always easier when you have the key in front of you.” While men will openly admit that they don’t understand women, far too many women make the unfortunate mistake of o...

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A Weekend For Love Marriage Retreat Now Includes A Couples Vow Renewal Ceremony 90% Sold Out...

October 16, 2019

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